Terms of Use "Livepad"

User Agreement

between users (hereinafter “NU”) and the online writing platform
Aye | Dietrich | Sokianos | Livepad GbR (hereinafter “LP”)

1. Object of use

The LP provides NU with the use of one of the LP’s Etherpads (hereinafter “Livepad”).

NU includes the paid, non-exclusive, non-transferable right of use for a Livepad for the term of this user agreement.

2. Deployment

The Livepad is provided by LP without any guarantee of functionality or availability.

There is no right to maintain the Livepad.

No technical support is offered.

3. Terms of Use

The cost of using a Livepad is €10/h, but no more than €80/day.

The use of the Zoom or Microsoft interface is free of charge. The password for setting up the interface in Livepad is automatically sent in the confirmation email.

As part of this user agreement, NU acquire a right of use for a Livepad that is limited to the term of the user agreement.

The rights of use only extend to the functionalities of the Livepad that already exist as of the date of this user agreement. New functionalities implemented after this point in time are not subject to the user agreement and require a separate agreement.

In principle, rights of use may not be transferred to third parties. Both the free and paid distribution of individual Livepads is the sole responsibility of LP. The following exceptions are permitted:

Co-text interpreter: As part of a double-occupancy assignment, the ordered Livepad may be made available to colleagues. There are no separate costs for this.

Customer: A link to the ordered Livepad may be forwarded to customers for the purpose of a written interpreting assignment.

4. Termination of Access

Use of the Livepad ends when the specified period of use expires. The Livepad is automatically deleted after expiration.

LP reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block NU in the event of a violation of the user agreement.

5. Data protection

NU must comply with data protection obligations in accordance with all applicable data protection laws.

NU is solely responsible for the content created in Livepad and its further use or distribution. LP assumes no liability for content created by NU or its handling of it.

6. Liability

LP is not liable for the Livepad being temporarily unavailable or only partially available due to technical and/or organizational disruptions.

LP is not liable for the completeness, quality or correction of the content created in Livepad.

LP is not liable for damages, in particular damage to image or loss of profits, incurred by NU (including co-written interpreters and customers) due to technical, organizational or other disruptions to the Livepad ordered.