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The Livepad


The uncomplicated and secure online typing platform

What offers the Livepad?

Barrier-low access
Browser-based application, no software installation required.
Extensive Compatibility
Runs on any end device (PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone) and with any operating system (Windows, Apple, Android, etc.).
Data protection
GDPR-compliant, server in Germany, SSL-encrypted, automatic deletion after 24 hours (optional manual deletion).
Copy protection
Two access modes with different rights (write and read access), copy protection in "read access" mode.
Connectivity (interface capable)
Integration into Zoom, MS Teams and Webex.

Customizable user interface

The appearance can be set up according to individual requirements and preferences.
Display settings options
Font size, font and background color are customizable in many variants. Full screen mode is possible.
The text automatically scrolls down. This function is optional and can be switched off, e.g. to read the text above.
Greenscreen- / Bluescreen-Option
Chroma Key Green or Chroma Key Blue color schemes are available in the color picker.


A chat window is available directly in Livepad for uncomplicated communication.
Display options
Name and user color in chat are customizable. The chat window can be shown and hidden.
Message options
Public messages: Messages to all users of the Livepad, e.g. to communicate with customers. Private messages: Messages to selected users, e.g. to co-text-to-text interpreters on internal agreements.

Booking a Livepad

via the order form: simple - flexible - at any time.

Ordering options

  • Individual naming of the individual Livepads
  • Precise entry of dates and times
  • Booking confirmation directly afterwards by e-mail with the Livepad links (read link & write link)
  • Automatic deletion 24 hours after the ordered usage time

Two options

  • Single order
  • Bulk order


10/ Hour

Learn more about our terms of use

Setting up the Livepad

Access to the Livepad and the facility are designed to be very barrier-low.

First steps

You have received a Livepad link: Please click and open in any browser. It is advisable to use the latest browser version.
Now you can see the Livepad interface. If you want, you can join the chat on the right or below (depending on your device and screen size): Please enter your name (or alias). However, you can also use the Livepad without activating the chat and read along with the text.
To customize the Livepad display, you already have an extensive selection of font sizes and color schemes at the top left. Under the "Settings" button (cog symbol) you can set up the font and background even more individually according to your needs.
Under the "Settings" button you also have other options, e.g. displaying line numbers or deleting chat messages. Here means:
  • Slider to the right and green: Option is switched on.
  • Slider to the left and grey: Option is switched off.

During use

By default, the autoscroll function is switched on. This means that the last, most up-to-date line is automatically displayed. If you want to read text further up in the Livepad, you can deactivate the auto-scroll function and activate it again if necessary.
You have various display options during use:
  • You can use Livepad like subtitles by resizing Livepad's browser window and positioning it next to, below, or above another application.
  • You can show the chat window and communicate with other users (default setting).
  • You can hide the chat to avoid potentially distracting messages (double click "chat icon"). You can fully concentrate on the text in full screen mode (click icon "Full screen mode").

You are having difficulties using the Livepad?

Write to us and we will look for solutions together.

Try it out

Get started for 15 minutes: type in Livepad, click all buttons and test all functions - a practical application always gives a better impression than any description. Quick note: The test pad is automatically deleted after 15 minutes and a backend error message appears.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a user account?
What does the start-pause button do?
Can I cancel an ordered Livepad?
How can I override the automatic deletion after 24 hours?
What do I do if I have (technical) problems?
When and how is the billing done?
How do I create a read-only link?
How do I clear the chat history?

That's us

We are a network of three freelance speech-to-text interpreters (STTI). The Livepad emerged in 2020 from our practice as speech-to-text interpreters. In addition to our own experiences, suggestions from colleagues have always been incorporated into the further development of the Livepad. So it remains - on a professional basis - a work in progress close to the needs and requirements of the professional practice of speech-to-text interpreters.
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    Laura Sokianos

    Shareholder and speech-to-text interpreter

    • DSB-certified speech-to-text interpreter
    • Cultural scientist (B.A.)
    • Member of the Professional Association of speech-to-text interpreters Berlin/Brandenburg - Norddeutschland e. V.
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    Mirja Aye

    Shareholder and speech-to-text interpreter

    • DSB-certified speech-to-text interpreter
    • Literary scientist (M.A.)
    • Member of the Professional Association of speech-to-text interpreters Berlin/Brandenburg - Norddeutschland e. V.
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    Jessica Dietrich

    Shareholder and speech-to-text interpreter

    • DSB-certified speech-to-text interpreter
    • Social worker (M.A.)
    • Member of the Professional Association of speech-to-text interpreters Berlin/Brandenburg - Norddeutschland e. V.


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